Sonic Pad Issues - Z Offset

Been using my Sonic Pad since end of December and had it working decent for many prints.

Recently all my prints are failing like the nozzle is too far away from the bed on the first layer.

I have done factory reboot and started the setup from scratch multiple times and end up with same result. Attempted to manually adjust the z offset through the console but its still not working.

I was able to find the z offset setting in the config file and attempted to make some live adjustments to a print but even after saving and restarting with the adjusted values the next print still fails on the first layer.

The web interface on my laptop shows the Z offset on the screen during print but it always starts at zero. Its like the changes I’m making to the z offset are not being saved.

It sounds like there is an issue with the memory of the pad. I might check with Creality and see if there is a fix or if they will replace it. I never have touched one but it sounds like it could be a physical failure.

I am not sure if the z offset is configured with the M851 or another command. Is there an equiv to M500 on it or “save settings” If you are saving and its not actually updating I would agree with Kite, Sounds like an prom block might be bad

Thank you both for your recommendations. have no idea what M851 is or what that references.

But I was able to confirm that my changes are saving to the config file but the value saved is always a positive value where as in the Marlin firmware it would always be a negative value. So my attempts to bring the nozzle closer to the bed were going in the wrong direction. I’m now close with a z offset of 1.325 and will continue testing from there. I’m now having bed adhesion issues but I think that is due to me using a different glue stick as my normal glue stick is empty. Plan to go buy more of the normal glue stick tonight and try again.

Just received my Ender 3 S1 Pro and Sonic and found this site this morning.

I have seen somewhere on You Tube that there is a command that doesn’t allow the offset to go below ‘0.0’. Getting ready to take a trip but when I get back, I’ll go through my saved You Tube links and try to find it for you.

I’m having the same type of problems. Can’t find how to set the Z offset in the Sonic.

HI @rakender3

I would like to see that one. I love new knowledge.