Sonic Pad -> Prusa MK3S Firmware Issues

Hello! Just got a sonic pad for my prusa MK3S, and while following the set up instructions for the user defined model adaptation (Creality Sonic Pad User-Defined Model Adaptation Tutorial (Take Prusa MK3S as an example) - YouTube) - my Prusa gets hung up on the initial firmware flashing, where the printer displays ‘updating firmware’ and the sonic pad displays ‘done’, however the sonic pad does not retain the printer as an option.

I’ve tried a few different options with no success:

  1. Changed out the USB A->B cable
  2. Flash back to the latest Prusa firmware
  3. Reset the sonic pad and start again
  4. Replace the thumb drives, reset the printer.cfg file
  5. Update the printer.cfg file in advance to the Prusa MK3S settings shown in the tutorial.
  6. Waited for 2-3 hours after the sonic pad said the firware update was completed before making any changes. The printer still displayed ‘updating firmware’.

Curious if anyone has any other thoughts on things to try.

You need to have Klipper firmware burned into the 3D printer’s controller board.

There should be an image that is generated by the Sonic Pad that is then copied to the SD Card and the put into the printer’s controller board. If it can’t do that then you’ll have to find an image somewhere else.

@mykepredko - Thanks for the response!

I’m trying to figure out the path to flash the Klipper firmware to the Prusa board. The video Creality created shows utilizing a USB connection to flash the Prusa board as the initial step, and that’s where it’s failing at. Unfortunately, I don’t know how, and haven’t been able to find any guides showing how to use the sonic pad to generate the firmware on an SD card to flash the boards.

The Creality documentation is Page 24 of the User Manual:

In any case, you need to get a firmware image created for your Prusa’s controller board. The SD Card generation is shown right at the beginning of the video you linked to in your original video post.

The first thing you need to do is to understand what is the MCU of the controller board in your 3D printer. From there, you should have enough information to correctly create a Sonic Pad Klipper firmware image that will be used in your printer.

You won’t get any further until the firmware is burned into the Prusa’s controller board.

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll give this a go in the next few days and report back. I was not putting the SD Card into the Prusa since it wasn’t shown to do so in the video, but that would make sense as to why the Prusa is hanging mid-firmware flash if it’s expecting an image to be loaded somewhere else.

I’ll report back in when I take another swing at it!

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