Sonic Pad Updates

My Ender5 Plus and Sonic pad was working seamlessly until I got the Nov. 7 Update for the Sonic Pad since then I has been down hill. Is it possible the update of Nov. 7 was Faulty ???

On the Klipper Discord forum, a number of people are having problems after doing the most recent update.

If possible, revert to the previous version.

From Ender: Customer Service
I’m really sorry. If you want to use the Sonic Screen, only 4.2.2 motherboards can be connected. There is currently no firmware for 4.2.7.motherboard

Do you believe this
As far as I know that is the replacement Board that Ender Offers.
It looks like Bigtree do carry a product that looks the same maybe they can uses Klipper as well.

Thank you for contacting Creality customer support.

For the Ender 5 Pro 3D printer, we are sorry to inform you that the sonic pad only supports the original version 4.2.2 motherboard of the Ender 5 Pro printer and it cannot support the motherboard version 4.2.7.

Thanks for your kind understanding.

Just as a warning, the Sonic Pad can be very problematic when trying to interface with non-Creality boards.

If you’re looking to spend some money with the end goal being having a Klipper system that should be easy to set up, I’d suggest getting a Raspberry Pi 4B and using that as your Klipper host. There is lots of support available for this configuration.

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