Sorry Jack…. Chucky's back!

My most complicated print to date. I bought the file off cgtrader but it was in 1 piece (so the supports required would be insane). So I took it into meshmixer and cut it apart strategically and added keys for reassembly. It’s not 100% perfect (had a nozzle clog that left some imperfections on the face, etc) but the buddy I printed it for is over the moon happy. His kid is going to freak out (huge Chucky fan). I’m not sure if we will need to use an acrylic rod to hold up the head on the spring or if glue will work well enough but that’s a finishing question.


that’s just cool, Nice job

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Oh wow, super shiny :scream:

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Thought someone might like to see how it was all cut apart and keyed. I tried to minimize necessary supports. These are all the parts:


It’s hard to say if I’d paint it or not. It looks cool as it is.

I know right?? I’m actually thinking I might eventually have to print one for myself as it turned out amazingly well. You can even see the “Good Guy” logo on the overalls pocket, which if I had cranked up the quality on it would have popped even more. The model quality is really good.

The model also comes with a bald version so if I was ever to print one for myself I could print the head and then mold it and cast it in silicone or something and then punch the hair and add glass eyes for a REALLY freaky look…


love the print turned out very well where did you buy it from?

Thanks! Here’s a link to the file:

Chucky Childs Play 2 Cover Art 3D printable model (

I had to split it apart and key it myself though as it comes as one piece.

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