Sprite Extruder Maximum Flow?

I have an Ender 5-S1, and I was wondering where I can find out the maximum flow rate for the Extruder/Hot End… I understand that limits speed at which a given nozzle size, layer height and line thickness can operate, but I do not know where I can get that information…

I assume I can calculate the flow rate by multiplying the layer height (mm) by the line width (mm), and then by the speed (mm/sec)… If that is incorrect, please let me know…

Any reference to help me understand and quantify this would be most appreciated…


There is actually a really great and relatively easy way to find this out, check out the cnc kitchen video below in which he explains how to measure this.


This test from Stephan is likely the most precise. Having done a blob and racetrack versions there are some issues with the blob. I have been mixing chemicals for many years and have access to high accurate highly repeatable scales. This is not common for most.

The blob method needs a really repeatable scale. The same sample weighed 100 times needs to be basically the exact same 100 times. With one gram samples a high repeatability is required. a basic cheap scale is simply not good enough.

My lab scale from work is +/- 0.001 gm repeatable. (optima OPH-P) The little mail scale I have at home is 0.5gm meaning the same 1 gm sample could read 0.5 gm to 1.5 gm. (It also is $2500 less money)

If you don’t have a good scale a racetrack type offers less precision but is not dependant upon equipment.

These are simple instructions it is specifically using the built in model in Orca but there are lots of models available in various platforms. The method is the same.

just a side note, the bambu printer I own is not able to meet the claims they state nor can the artillery, or FLSun. the Monoprice and Prusas do hit the manufacturers claims but they are not speed demons. The marketeers exaggerate the speeds often.

Thanks, I’ll check it out…


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