Stalled after auto leveling

Evening, my cr10sprov2 was just starting to print and the power went out, only for about 2 sec. I resumed the print but there seemed to be an adhesion issue and the red light on the bltouch was flashing but it was printing the raft. When I restarted the print auto leveling measures the bed but stops on the rear corner of the bed and the print dosent start. Percentage complete advances on the display but no printing is taking place and the nozzle does not move.

I havent tried a new file or different file yet or switching the sd card. Any thoughts other than thoes?

Start by checking the power connections to the BL Touch

then look at the other connections.

When you power up the printer, the BL Touch flash a few times and click with the probe going out and in. Does it do that?

Let’s see if we can figure out the problem with what you see.

I will take a look at this and touch base.
It started flashing upon resuming print after the quick power interruption. i stopped the print as the raft wasn’t adhering quite right (possibly due to the touch not working) it is not flashing anymore when sending a print but does measure each quadrant of the bed but freezes after measuring the last quadrant.

Thanks for the assistance.
I did check everything and it seemed that a simple power down and unplug to clear out the confusion did the trick.

Oh, so you followed Roy and Moss’s advice:

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Sound advise.

HAHA, that is so true