Start of a new project - Blade Runner Blaster

This is the first piece I’ve printed at ultra fine resolution on my CR10s pro v2. It was also my first attempt at using tree supports. I must say I’m incredibly impressed and I haven’t even switched to a smaller nozzle. It’s not perfect (will be posting questions in another thread) but for now here’s the first piece of many:

More to come as more pieces come off the printer.


Great Job Moose!

I WAs looking at doing one of these myself!

Is that?

That’s the one! I’ve also been waiting for all the little screws and whatnot that are used to come in (ordered everything from China so I didn’t have to buy hundreds of each size). Going to have to find someone who can print me the grips in amber resin tho.

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who makes an Amber coloured Resin??

Don’t know. I don’t know much about resin printers so I suppose i assumed. Worse comes to worst I’ll print them and then mold and cast in a tinted resin. I haven’t gotten that far yet so I haven’t spent much time researching how to do the grips.