Stepper Motor Heatsinks

So my printer has the MKS Robin Lite V1.1

Which means it has intigrated A4988 drivers. My idea on the backburner is to install a 2nd z stepper motor, but have seen some concerns over power control through the driver. As there is no manual control, or heat sinks on the drivers in their stock configuration, im thinking putting a heatsink on the drivers would be a good idea.

So my question is does anyone have any opinions to add regarding heatsink selection or installation? Or anything they wish they knew before starting a project like this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Dr

I cannot say as I have seen anyone try that before, I look forward to seeing the responses on this one

As am i XD. A few guys have done the Z2 mod on the AdimLab Gantry-s, but its a bit uncommon. I only came across the idea as i was researching it and dont want to learn how to replace a burned out board if i can help it. XD

All i understand is to be cautious about the amp output which leads me to be cautious with heat dissipation.

Just to be clear, are you worried about the stepper motor overheating or the stepper motor driver overheating? Stepper motors themselves overheat when the driver is not adjusted correctly. There is a small variable resistor (looks like a screw) on the driver board that can be adjusted. Ideally, you would run the motor back and forth with a gcode routine and, as it’s running, adjust the resistor such that the motor is not missing any steps and runs smoothly. Turn it too far and the motor starts to overheat. There are several models of heatsinks available. What you use depends partly on how much clearance you have (height wise). The models I use for my laser engraver are:


My concern at the moment is the stepper driver overheating. There is no potentiometer to adjust, its just a intigrated chip thats non-removable.

I havent updated my firmware yet which i plan on doing first, but i think that would be where id have to make an adjustment to the power going to it. Though i could be wrong.

Im planning on relocating my control box and by doing so, im going to make a new case for it aswell so height isnt an issue.

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I switched from a small radius extruder drive to a larger one, when I went from Bowden to direct. My 4988 was not up to the task. I upgraded to these, FYSETC TMC2209 Stepper Motor Driver - 3D Printing Canada. When I push 1300-1400mA, the copper sink is about 40c, fan and ducting in place on the board, if this helps


I have both of those in Stock. They come with Thermal conductive tape Pre applied to them.
Remove the backing and place directly on the Driver chips, I Also put them on my Bed, Hotend MOSFETS, If board didn’t already come with some.

Some boards i put them on the SMT32 Chip too.
I can’t say there’s been a notable difference in cooling the CPU, I just feel better about it.


Short :

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what you could do is point a blower fan like a 50-15 directly where the drivers are to keep them cool


@Keith thanks for pointing out you guys have the exact hestsinks for my drivers :slight_smile: and explaining how they adhier. When i get to attempting my project ill defidently be ordering them :slight_smile:

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@PJprincefpv i hope to manage the cables in such a way to provide good cooling from a case fan installed on my control box. I might even change the box too, which will help with airflow.


Not looking to challenge your plans, but I thought this might offer a plan B for yourself or others considering this type of conversion.


@WWAED i like the different ideas/work arounds. I have considered this, and may be how i start this mod. :slight_smile: