Stiffer TPU Filament

I was wondering if anyone had any tips on getting Tpu to be stiffer or a stiff tpu brand.

Armadillo TPU by ninjatek I can highly recommend. Almost as stiff as pla, but far more durable, especially in terms of abrasion resistance. Not cheap though. Edit, I think it is the stiffest TPU on the market.

Thanks I’ll check it out

Just give the regular TPU some Viagra.

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LOL, @Loosenut

I was initially thinking if you need TPU or SPLA. Soft PLA is another option, think about TPU being the straps on your FlipFlop but SPLA being the sole.

Still flexible but in a different way

I’ll pick some up. Definitely looks like a cheaper option compared to the Armadillo TPU

it’s still not a “cheap” option but it is another option.