Stock Fan Replacement

Any one has done replacement on Hot end fans? i know they are 24 Volt and i can’t find a decent print to print housing to adopt the new fans…any mods that i can use?

What are the “New Fans”?
Never use Noctua 40x40x10 12V fans on the heatsink. Not enough CFM’s for cooling heatsink properly.
They work Okay on cooling control boards.

I use Sunon Silent Fans:

There is this one that uses stock fans

I’ve been thinking about Hero Me Gen5 and upgrading my fans

I’ve reworked my hotend a few times, currently one 50mm 12v fan on dual V6’s, one direct, one bowden, and a Sunon 6015 Blower Fan 12v – 3D Printing Canada for the parts cooler.![20210205_160809|281x500](upload://qjy9l9uk73CbDJEQHz7Visr1Bbd.jpeg)

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I had to replace the hotend fan a few weeks ago. 3DPC had the correct fan with the correct cable attached.

You can adapt a 12V fan if you know what the rated current draw of the 12V fan is by adding a (12V/current draw) series resistor. I had to do that with my lights.

Grabbing a datasheet pretty much at random, you’ll notice from the cropped table that the 12V variants have the same airflow characteristics as the 24V variants. They only differ in that the current drawn is slightly more than doubled.

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