Stock hotend or upgraded

Hi Everyone

I’m going to do up a video on hot end tear down and rebuild and just wondering what is the most common hot end out there. so I am looking for your input

Let me know what you are running, E3D, Microswiss, Stock, All metal, clone?

Video coming soon.


In my case, stock on an Ender 5 Pro.

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I’m running stock on an ender 3 and cr10v3, the hotends are surprisingly different.

Microswiss is my planned upgrade when the stock ender 3 one finally gives.

Microswiss on cr-20 pro

Stock on the Prusa, Monoprice too, the sidewinder is converted to a genuine E3d volcano. The clone ‘volcano’ is actually not even the same size.

Im all stock, so thats the adimlab gantry-s (thinking of changing both the hotend and carriage to more compatable types), prusa mini (no issues) and a cr10s pro which id be interested in changing, though i had bad luck with a microswiss.

Due to my expierence with a microswiss, if you could do an emphasis on how to correct an improper installation, id be super happy.

Also an explanation of the benifits between an all metal and i guess “traditional” hotend, that would be awesome :slight_smile:

The ptfe tube in a ‘traditional’ (for lack of a better term) hotted touches the back of the nozzle. In an all metal the PTFE tube lines only the cool end of the extruder the heat break or throat is solid metal and backs onto the nozzle.

The tubes don’t break down as much or at all, this allows hotter materials to be run with little concern for burning the liner.

Basically here is the rabbit hole I am running down.

I am going to CAD an entire hot end, I am going to model it off of whatever is most common. Going to include all parts within it, and yes was going to include both all-metal and PTFE lines heat breaks to show what the actual difference is.

I did a video a little while ago with the titan aero hot end on how to assemble it but I’m kind of not happy with it. I am going to do one a little more in-depth and explain how it works.

Looks like I may have to cover both the stock and the micro Swiss hotend.

I’m going to be printing all the parts oversized and cutaway so as to be able to teach about how it works AND how to put it together.


CHEP does a good job on this too.

I agree, 100%, chuck does do a really good job, I just want to make some additions onto it.

Can’t wait to see it!

Ender 5 Plus, stock heat block, heater cartridge and heatsink. Slice Engineering bimetal Copperhead heatbreak with Capricorn XS, screw-in 104GT-2 thermistor (300C rated).

A tidbit to mention regarding hotends, different types of thermisters, heater cartridges, whats compatable and why would you use that type.

Micro Swiss on cr10s pro v2

hey @Dr.Marvin kind of what I was thinking, little informative with a focus on assembling gotchas

Gunna take an edumacated guess and state E3D’s infamous V6, and it’s entire ChinaBeand cloned ecosystem :sweat_smile:

Personally, one machine runs a Hemera, while the other is decked out in fly swattin, fast movin Mosquito heaven.

Rabbit holes are dumb. When someone comes up with an electric arc system for plastic, let us know.
Meanwhile, I would love details on your much hyped v-groove extrusion pricing and avails.

Stock Ender 3V2 but I do have a Slice Engineering Copperhead all metal heat break I can install to print filament like PETG. The stock hot end works fine for PLA.