Stock nozzle alternative for CR10s pro v2? Other than MicroSwiss

Hi All,

Does anyone know of a source for an alternate nozzle? The CR10s pro v2 uses their own special fine pitch thread and NOT the popular MK8 one.

I only know of the MicroSwiss one. Any others?


There are plenty of different mk8 nozzle out there depending on what your printing. If your stocking with pla you can save yourself some money and pick any brass nozzle and replace them as needed. Higher end nozzles are good for specialty diligent like wood or carbon fiber which can Benidorm from hardened steel or higher end nozzles.

Opps, I had a typo. It doesn’t use the MK8 type unfortunately. I think your idea of just getting more stock brass ones is good as well. Thanks

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I think the cr-10 uses the same nozzles as the e3d V6 but I’m not absolutely sure. It is actually a more popular types outside of creality printers and there are plenty of clones and parts. I’m fact I’m thinking of building a new printer and including one.

The CR10 pro V2 and the max use the same nozzles, which are NOT MK8. If you changed the hotend to a MicroSwiss you would be able to use any MK8 nozzle.

Funny how absent the web is on this. I am not a CR-10 owner but I think that it could be a MK10 extruder.