Store Hours - what's your preference?

Just asking everyone a question on here as to what you would prefer.

We all know its summer time and the retail side of 3D printing slows down (a lot) so I thought I would pose this question to the community.

Currently, Our hours of operation are from, 10-6 M-F, and 10-1 on Sat.

As with anything the final decision will be made and we will let you know, but I wanted to see if anyone had any different ideas on hours of operation?

What are your all pref for open hours at the retail store? Would you sooner stay open a little later a night or 2 a week or keep Saturday? What would be your suggestion?

I know I have seen some companies stay open later on Thurs / Friday only but just looking for your input.

Hi @Jason

Having hours on Sunday would be really helpful. Not full hours but a few Sunday afternoon would be nice.

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Us GTA out-of-towners dread the the hop to the Hammer.
The QEW is the literal worst.
I say make like barbers and close on Monday but give us noon to 7 or 9 on Saturdays and Sundays. Put your most junior people on it. We don’t expect Jedi expertise on the weekend; just be open.
You’ll be the only option within a 100 mile radius on this side of the border on the weekend. Seems like a no -Brainer to me if people know about it.
The huffy control freak who storms down the stairs to yell at people may have to be sedated like Mr.T on an airplane, but you guys can figure that out.

Also, where are your extrusions?
Retail is gonna pick up when you start offering v-slot.
Can you imagine riffing on a lowrider CNC machine variant with v slot for the y rails? I can, and it will be epic.

Hey Ted

Extrusions are on a boat somewhere in the pacific, I know they have left china but we don’t get any other indication except a 2-week heads up when they hit Vancouver.

I will check and update when I know more.

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