Strange squeaking noises


I have an Ender 3 V2. It has been upgrade to a MicroSwiss Direct Drive, and BL touch.

Lately, while printing, the machine keeps “squeaking and creeking sound” during the print. The print quality does not seem to be affected, but the sound is getting louder. It seems like the sound is coming from the direct drive, but not entirely sure.

Any ideas?

I appreciate the feedback,


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Does it sounds like the squeaking is happening during retractions?
Or is there a specific movement that is causing the squeaking?

This is most likely correct.

On my bowden Ender 3 I had a similar noise during retractions, a random higher pitched squeaking during some retractions.

It turned out to be the extruder gear set screw, I just repositioned the set screw and tightened it down and the noise vanished.

Mine was screwed into the flat part of the stepper shaft and wasn’t clamping hard enough allowing a tiny bit of movement between the gear and stepper motor shaft.
That is where I might check first.

You mentioned the set screw on your extruder, for me I am using a direct drive system. Could the tensioner screw be causing this then?

I’m referring to the tiny little set screw that holds the extruder gear in place on the stepper motor itself, both bowden and direct drive systems should have one.

I’ve just circled the screw I’m talking about on your direct drive system in the photo below so we are hopefully on the same page!

I don’t think the tensioner screw would cause any squeaking, there are some other issues that might pop up from too much/too little tension.


Thanks for the pic. I will try that adjustment tonight!! Much appreciated!!


@g_fazio On the Micro Swiss’ Idler Arm there is a pinned bearing inside the Idler gear.

Please lubricate that pin needle bearing with light machine oil. eg: Sewing machine oil, 3 in 1 oil, etc

If bearing fails it should be replaced before shaft gets burnt up!


Bearing(I think it’s the same as in a BMG 3mm ID x 5mm OD x 7mm Long):


Keith, Thanks for the advise. After successfully removing the bearing and lubricating it, the problem is solved!!!


@Keith or @g_fazio Recently got an Ender 3 S1 and I seem to have the same squeaking noise. Any way either of you could send a picture or diagram of where this bearing is that I need to lubricate. If so that would be wonderful, thank you for your time in advance.
(PS: Would putting lubricant directly on the filament feeder gear help?)

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This is correct for mee.

If you don’t have a screw driver that fits.

I fixed the squeaking on mine by wedging a piece of paper under the release switch of the motor controlling filament speed. I would recommend testing on smaller prints because I haven’t tested the long term reliability of this.

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