Sugar Cone Tray Holder

I use to get a mini cone that was pointed before but cant get it anymore so I found those mini one and the first thing my wife said, What are you going to use to hold them they are different? NO Problem I said, I’ll 3D design in FreeCad a tray and print it!!!
Done a small test piece (Recommended LOL) measure how big I could make it for the printer bed, and figured out how many tray I needed!
You got to love this hobby!!
Yes they are sweet!! And dont take long to make!! LOL


This is a an excellent use of 3d printing and CAD. Good work.

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That’s showing up some new skills, Very nice

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Great job !!!
Would you like to share with us your files?

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I will upload in Thingiverse, I’ll let you know when its done!

OK its posted in Thingiverse and I also included the recipe. Enjoy and remember they are sweet!!

thank you very much :+1:

they look very tasty.

I have a friend who makes production lines for candy bar factories such as Cadburys. they said they can’t use 3d printed parts due to health and safety sanitization requirements as it is a porous material. Laser cut would solve this problem.

There is food safe PLA but for me those tray only holds the cone while I filled them and in the freezer after that I wash them so maybe for commercial reason the food grade might be an option.
There is FDA PLA, PETG, Nylon approved filament as food safe.

the issue isn’t the PLA it self but the nature of 3d prints not being solid I think. lots of opportunities for bacteria and cleaning solvents to end up in side little nooks or even inside the parts.