Suggestions for a Black silk PLA?

Howdy, all.

I’m working on a project with various parts printed in appropriate colour Silk PLA, using Hello3D “silk-Like” that I bought from our hosts, and have realised I’ve a need for some bits to be in black.

Alas, Hello3d does not seem to make a black silk-like.

So I’m looking for suggestions on a product, preferably sold at a Canadian store to avoid customs charges and minimise shipping delays.

Thus far I’ve found Sunlu, here:

And Spool3d’s house brand, here:

Any feedback on either of those, or any suggestions for other brands that offer that shiny pseudo-metallic look and have reliable quality, will be much appreciated.


Polyalchemy Elixir Abyss is remarkable. There is at least one Canadian supplier. I like the Sunlu silver, I have not printed the black. I have not used the 3DPC silks but the other filaments are good, some moisture issues on occasion but easily fixed.