Summary of 3D Printing Webinar and Events: March 30, 2024 Highlights

Things seem to be cooling off a bit this week, however, there’s still a handful of engaging 3D printing panels and gatherings for you to partake in. Let’s explore the details!

Unpacking 3D Printing News

The Executive Editor at the helm, Joris Peels, also holding the position of Vice President of Consulting at Additive Manufacturing Research (AMR), has been hosting a news livestream named Unpacking 3D Printing News. This event takes place at 9:30 am EST once or twice per week. Each segment, broadcasted on LinkedIn Live lasts for 20 minutes or less, during which Peels shares what he deems to be the most noteworthy news in the 3D printing sector for that week and the reasons for their significance. Some of the stories featured in his compilation are ones shared on, while others aren’t, but all are equally intriguing and have big impacts!

April 1 – 5: SIMTOS 2024

Korea’s most significant production and manufacturing technology expo, SIMTOS 2024, is set to be held in Goyang from April 1-5. This marks the 20th iteration of the SIMTOS Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show, a renowned manufacturing event in South Korea led by the Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association, also known as KOMMA. The function will feature six pavilions, titled Toolings & Measuring Tech, Metal Cutting & Die Mold Tech, M.A.D.E. in SIMTOS (Robot & Digital Manufacturing Tech), among others. The organizers expect around 100,000 participants, including about 1,200 companies from 35 different countries. Some notable names are 3D Systems, KUKA Robotics Korea Co, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, and others.

“SIMTOS serves as a global gathering point for leading machine manufacturers. Both national and international providers exhibit the cutting-edge tech in the sector as well as an assortment of industrial machinery. The range of showcased products includes cutting machines, welding and metal shaping machines, components and materials, machine controls, measurement tools, robots, automated production, production technology software, and much more.”

Click here to sign up for SIMTOS 2024.

April 2 – 4: Stratasys Continues Advanced Training

Stratasys is continuing its high-level training courses this week. Though there won’t be any classes for EMEA users this week, the company will conduct a “PolyJet Advanced Operations” session at its Eden Prairie, Minnesota facility from April 2-4. This course is custom-made for customers using its top-of-the-line PolyJet 3D printing systems.

The course aims to prepare customers with the knowledge necessary to make the most out of their printer.

To find out more or register, send an email to This course will also be available in the U.S. in May, June, July, August, and September of this year.

April 3 – 4: 2024 Innovation Conference

On the 3rd and 4th of April this week, the 2024 Innovation Conference will take place at the Nissan North America Plant in Canton, Mississippi. This conference, which is free to attend, is focused on the latest productivity-enhancing technologies within the automotive industry. The event is jointly hosted by Nissan, the Mississippi Automotive Manufacturers Association or MAMA, Mississippi State University’s Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems Extension also known as CAVSE, the Mississippi Manufacturers Association – Manufacturing Extension Partnership or MMA-MEP, and the Mississippi Development Authority. Participants will have access to a Demonstration Area for in-depth information on specific products and a series of technical sessions. Exhibitors at the event will include several companies from the AM industry, such as Raise3D, Creaform, and 3DOLOGiE.

“We welcome you to join us, along with more than 50 exhibitors, for technical sessions and product demos showcasing emerging technologies. These will give you a competitive edge. Over the years, thousands of individuals have attended our Innovation Conferences and have walked away with valuable insights into innovative technologies for enhancing the quality of their product offerings.”

To get more information about the conference, you can visit this site.

Focus for April 3: Insights into Stratasys F3300 Throughput

Stratasys presented its latest FDM 3D printer, the F3300, just before formnext 2023. To find out more about this “new MVP,” join their webinar, which takes place on Wednesday, April 3rd, at 11 am EST. The webinar is entitled “F3300: Game Changing Throughput”. Stratasys AM specialists will delve into the details of parts made using the F3300, and explain why it provides twice the throughput of similar FDM systems, leading to up to a 45% reduction in per-part costs.

Witness the future of additive printing with the revolutionary Stratasys F3300, the most recent member of the Industrial FDM series from Stratasys. This system is designed for manufacturing, and it lowers part costs, increases productivity, decreases labor, and boosts uptime.

To join the webinar, you can register here.

April 4: SPE on Polypropylene

Is polypropylene (PP) genuinely a “commodity resin”? If you’re interested in discovering more about this flexible thermoplastic, we’d suggest you attend a webinar by the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) scheduled for 11 am EST on Thursday, April 4th: “Polypropylene: Commodity Resin, I Don’t Think So.” Polypropylene is utilized in various fields such as automotives, electronics, and healthcare thanks to its appealing features like excellent chemical resistance, relatively low coefficient of friction, low expense, and substantial flexural strength and modulus. Attendees will acquire knowledge about the general properties and diversity of PP, as well as obtain more understanding on how its molecular structure defines its performance characteristics.

“The thought that polypropylene resins are interchangeable undervalues the complexity of this material and the plastic industry as a whole. The properties of polypropylene are significantly influenced by molecular weight and molecular weight distribution, crystallinity, type and quantity of comonomer, and tacticity.”

To attend the webinar, you can sign up here.

April 4: 3DHEALS Panel on MELT-Electrowriting

The upcoming online panel from 3DHEALS is scheduled for this Thursday the 4th at 5 pm EST. The focus will be on “Melt-Electrowriting And/Or 3D Printing.” The process of MELT electrowriting (MEW) printing involves the use of electric fields to direct the deposition of molten polymer fibers, so as to construct intricate structures accurately and with high resolution at micro- and nanoscale. A group of key experts, under the guidance of 3DHEALS Founder and CEO Dr. Jenny Chen, will deliberate on the challenges encountered in MEW printing, and the future potential of this technology as a game-changer in the field of medical technology innovation.

The possibility of utilizing MELT electrowriting in healthcare is enormous with varied applications. It can be applied in the creation of scaffolds for tissue engineering where the accurate configuration of fibers can simulate the natural tissue structure and promote cell growth and development. Besides, this technology can contribute to the development of drug distribution systems by generating microscale capsules or fibers that can control the discharge of therapeutic substances. MELT electrowriting has also been explored in the creation of biosensors and diagnostic apparatus, thereby providing a versatile and adaptable platform for the progression of healthcare technology.

You can register for this online discussion panel here.

May 8 – 10: AM Coalition’s Second Annual DC Fly-In

The upcoming Additive Manufacturing Coalition DC Fly-In, marking its second annual gathering, is set to kick off on May 8th and run through May 10th. With RICOH as a platinum sponsor, the event stands as a crucial opportunity to voice support for additive manufacturing on the floors of Capitol Hill. However, those looking to participate should act quickly as the discounted room rates at the historic Hotel Washington will cease on April 10th. Given that numerous activities related to the event will occur at the hotel or in close proximity, it provides an ideal location for attendees.

“We invite you to seize this unique chance to visit DC, where you can engage with political influencers and policy makers in Congress and various Federal Agencies. The discussions will revolve around additive manufacturing and the need for robust public policies to push forward the utilization of AM for the betterment of our National economy and Defense.”

For those interested, tickets to attend the AM Coalition’s second annual DC Fly-In can be purchased here. Be aware that the ticket prices will increase on Friday, April 26th.

If you have any updates about upcoming webinars or any events occurring virtually or in-person, kindly let us know!

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