Support is wrecking my prints, please help!

I am reaching out for help with a frustrating problem.

In a nutshell every time I use support, it ruins my model but as most of you will already know, sometime supports are unavoidable. I am trying to print some sunglasses and as you will see from the photo, the bridge that connects the two lenses looks horrible, this is the part that is in contact with the support material. I observe the recommended print temperatures, I have tried every setting I can think of in Cura and every time it’s the same ugly result. Any helpful suggestions on anything that I can do to remedy this would be greatly appreciated. I should also mention that it’s not just the sunglasses, any model that I print with support ends up looking like this, wherever it’s in contact with the support.

I have tried both PLA support material and dissolvable PVA.

I am using a Qidi i fast.



Maybe reload the picture, we can’t see what the problem is.

Ok, thanks I have just re uploaded.


It looks like you you need to make the gap between print and support smaller. I use 0.2mm and have the roof density at 80%. A smaller layer height would help the overall ridges on the curved sections also.
These are the support settings I use for my CR10S Pro.

Ok, thanks il give it a try.

thanks for posting, I love these kind of problems.

Welcome to the forum, Hope to see other project you are working on. Let us know how you make out with the suggestions made by @HobbyMaker3D

Hello hobby maker3d, OK so I tried the settings and suggestions that you put forward but unfortunately its the same result; that horrible wire look is as bad as ever. I hate using support but some prints just cant be done without it. I am desperate for any more solutions you might have.



Can you send me the stl file so I can take a look at it. It could possibly be just an orientation change could fix it.

I Will do but the stl is almost 70mb so il need your email so I can send you a Wetransfer link


I got the file and have found the problem. The bridge area between the lenses is 0.6mm away from the build plate. This is inadequate room for the support to be properly built.
There are 2 fixes I see, first is to lower the bridge section on the design, so it sits flush with top of lenses or secondly, add to original file, a built in support. This is a very complex file to add to my cad program to fix ( as an stl file). If you raise up the whole assembly by 10mm and build a support right across the top, keeping it 0.2mm from the assembly, but add it to the assembly, it should print without supports there. This should just snap off after printing.

Ron here, would circle out exactly where this 0.6mm area is ?


This is the area that is to small a gap for the support to build properly.

Most of the time supports will leave marks like this, it is something we all strive to improve upon. But by nature of the process it can be difficult or even impossible to achieve perfect results.

A couple things you could try would be to slow the print down significantly, and up the fan speeds if you haven’t already. Also, if you haven’t tried this yet I have always found that tree supports work much better for getting clean overhangs than standard supports. So it could be worth a shot to try this out.

Ok thanks for that, ill give it another go