Support Removal

Any tips or tricks on how to remove supports from printed parts. I

Needle nose pliers are you friends. They’ll grip without cutting, but your supports should let go pretty easily without too much trouble

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Depending on if it’s FDM or resin, FDM pliers or cutting tool that comes with machine are a god send.
rsin, most come off with light finger pressure but some need to be cut.

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I use the Flush cutters that come with the printer a lot. Also I use my pocket knife and medium size Needle nose pliers, for the larger supports.

With Resin prints, I’ve had best luck removing supports before curing Chamber

I use a set of carving knives picks that allow for more detailed work and reach into places you can’t get to with larger tools.

All great points, for some reasons supports seem to be much harder to take off. The markings that they leave on the print parts really make for an ugly print. Using PLA flement.

Tree supports are sometimes easier to remove than normal supports, depending on the model.

Decreasing the support density percentage makes for easier support removal too. I have my supports set at 5% density for most things I print.

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Doubling this support of tree supports. I find it easier to tell what is and isn’t part of the model when removing supports, which is comforting when cutting them apart to remove. Also when you cut them up right usually you can get a large amount of support off with very little effort. I disassemble supports for my roommate all the time and tree supports are always the easiest.

Hi ProDad

Welcome to the Forum, You can tune your support settings as well, Increase gap or type of supports, For the most part once you have them tuned properly supports should come off pretty easily with almost no mark

Jason H

Thanks Jason,

Is there a setting in cura for setting the gap? Cause I haven’t been able to find it.

Let me have a look, BRB

its called “support line distance” I have mine set to 2.5mm, default is 2mm but mine comes off pretty easy, Other part of it is to have your temp dialed properly for the filament, as cold as you can print it.

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I will give that a try. So many settings to learn. :slight_smile:

I hear ya, Just for the support ease I usually use PRUSA slicer

In addition to the ubiquitous flush cutters I use O ring picks. Be careful they tend to stab you if you slip. I like the dental tools LEGO suggested I might need to order some. I also on occasion use nail trimmers too.

Adjusting the interface layers is really useful. So much easier.

Always take supports of before final curing.

Thanks for posting that tip ! Searching for that also made me find the Support Pattern Type !

Thanks Jason, it was much easier to remove supports. Cheers

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thank you very much, glad it was helpful

Jason H

Play with the support Z distance, my supports for the most part just pop off!

Cheers Rob.