Supports in Cura

Using Cura 4.9, can I enable supports or build plate adhesion on just some of the builds on the bed or is it all or none?

Printing 3 or 4 files at once and some need supports and some don’t. Same with the adhesion (rafts).

It’s all or nothing, but it should only be added where needed. You can tweak the decision on what needs it and what doesn’t by adjusting the overhang angle so that the angle exceeds the angle of those pieces that don’t need support .

You might also want to fiddle with bridge settings.

Rafts are also all-or-nothing.

There is a support blocker tool in Cura. I’ve never used it. Look here.


I cane here to share A youtube video of how to use support blockers.


Aaaaaand Didn’t I need this on the very next print heh

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Here is a blog I wrote about our Cura settings that work flawlessly every time.

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