Tangled filament jamming

I Just purchased three rolls of a new filament (IIID clear) it is poorly rolled and has odd bends in it. like it was bent when hot. You know when you bend clear you get a hazy spot. This has close to 90º bends that are almost completely clear.

I am hoping to print a lot of clear gift ornaments so I am in a bit of a bind.

Anyone have any solutions to fixing poorly rolled filament? I am getting close to designing a spindle to re wrap the roll. Before I try that any thoughts?

That sucks.
I’m picturing a roll-to-roll rewinder with a heatgun or hair dryer set between just right to loosen up the filament but not so hot as to wreck it…

I had one like that I had to rewind it onto another spool. I ended up doing it by hand

I suspect I will end up rewinding them. It is frustrating, I expected ok filament not garbage.

Balls. Is it dry at least?

Yes it’s had three 8 hour cycles in the dryer. It’s as dry as I can manage. I never measured its diameter I will do that after work.

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hey @kitedemon are all 3 rolls like it or did you just get a bad one?

Jason, I didn’t want to open them until I spoke to you guys I have a case open. ID 25471

ahh, ok, Just wanted to check

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Solved! #DPC Canada spoke to IIID and they are sending a replacement. I actually figured what exactly is wrong as well. I was so focused on the filament I failed to notice the spool is beaten. The one side is pushed in and that must have caused the filament to be kinked and jam against the edge. The distance from the two sides is quite a bit smaller on the ‘top’ than bottom. The box is perfect and the shipping box is as well. It was damaged and then boxed.

Thanks Jason and Lauren.

perfect, that’s awesome, 3dMax really does take good care of their customers. THanks for letting us know

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