Teal PLA reccomdations?

Anyone have reccomendations for some nice teal pr blue/green pla.

Im a fan of prusa’s opal green pla, but am looking for something more budget friendly, and perhaps more blue.

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I like Eurekatec cyan. It might be worth a peek. It is made here in NS.


I have never used it but I do like their other filaments


A bit more on the teal side, but I like the 3DPC Pastel Green PLA.

I also want to try that Eureka Tec filament.


@TurkeyOnRye you need to print a tiny beer to go with your chair in the mountains… lol


It may not be PLA, but I found a beautiful HIPS made from 100% recycled industrial waste by Nefilatek, right here in Montreal. Great blue/green colour, fantastic finish, low warp, very stiff.
I highly recommend it.

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Hi, I have some Red 3D printing hips that I have tried and am not having any luck. I tried different setting and am wondering if you would post yours in case they are different from what I was using. Thank you

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I can post mi but not right now.
Just print very slowly (30-40 mm/s)
Get your first layer z-offset quite low (you need big squish) mine is set to -2.15mm
Use a brim ALWAYS.
My extruder is set to 225 °C.
My bed is set to 105/100°C.
I print in an enclosure that is not actively heated but gets up to 35-40°C just passively.

Also put you max max speed to 30-35% except for overhangs. Run those at 50%
First 4 layers no fan.

Try that.

PS. I’m printing on a spring steel sheet with PEI film.

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