Temperature Error

Hi I have an ender 5 plus and I am getting this error when I try to warm up my hotend and bed.

How can I fix this?


Have you tried heating up your hotend only or the bed only?

Prior to heating up, what ambient temperatures are being reported?

Also what temperature are you trying to print at? Maybe double check on your slicer its the correct temperature. Most firmwares have a min temp for extrusion of like 160-170 or so to prevent you from trying to print at too low a temperature.

Just trying to heat up the hot end. It showed -15

Using petg

Could be a bad thermistor, they do fail eventually.

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hi @mbura

When the temp reads -15 its a sign that the thirmostor is broken or disconnected. Check the connections at the back right corner there is one marked TH or T1, short for thermistor 1 or thermistor Hotend. If this connection is good, you will have to check it on the heater block, Usually its the screw there is put in too tight or the wire is broken. If you have a spare you can plug it in a the same location and if the temp reading changes to something close to 20 deg you now know the problem is in the wiring between the connection you just found and the hot end.

Hope this helps


Yeah, when it shows a negitive number it indicates a bad thermister. Either a broken wire, or the thermister itsself needs to be replaced. No big deal :slight_smile:

If I had to guess id say pay special attention to the wires near the hotend.

Thanks guys,

Am I able to take this apart even though I can’t heat it up?


In a situation like that, I use a small torch to carefully heat the block up enough for disassembly.

hi @mbura

Absolutely you can, Generally, the thermistor is mounted on the outside of that printer’s heater block held in with a Phillips screw. If there does happen to be some melted plastic holding it in there, as @MicroFarmModels said you can use a small torch, or a heat gun(hair dryer) or BIC lighter really just to enough heat in it to release the little glass bead.

Here is a link to the actual part you will need,

Not that ive removed many thermisters, but unless the screw is caked on with filament, ive had ok success removing it without needing to remove the nozzle, with no need to preheat it.

That being said i dont have an ender printer, so i could be wrong.

I was just covering all bases, if you have ever had plastic up over the heater block it can sometimes build up in the hole behind the glass bead and kinda lock them in there. If you warm it just a little it will come out easily.

That is how the basic Creality hotend works.

Is there a special way of removing the heater cartridge from the heater block?

There may be a small Allen screw that holds it in place or as in your picture, two screws that clamp the block tight around it. It could be stuck in place from the heat. If you have had a plastic “flood” then there could be hard plastic jamming it up. You can try heating it up and ““Carefully”” (don’t burn yourself) pulling it out. The heat will melt any plastic and loosen the cartridge if that is the problem

I usually loosen the 2 screws and grab a small flat top screwdriver and Gently “open” the gap around the heater cartridge where the block is split. You dont have to move it much as you can crack the block just a little pry to give the cartridge space to come out.