Temps reset to zero

I went to print something last night and noticed that the extruder and bed temps were set to zero.
When I first got the printer they were at 200 and 60 for the extruder and bed respectively.
What would cause them to reset to zero?

They are only set when the printer is processing gcode. The numbers represent the target temperatures. If there’s not code being run, there’s not target to reach. Within seconds of starting a print, though, they should take on a target value and things should start warming up.

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Thanks, I was just surprised because they were at 200 and 60 out of the box.

where are you seeing the temps? are you referring to when you are printing or just when you turn it on?

Or are you referring to the preheat temp settings?

Jason H

They were on the Print screen.
I just finished printing a calibration cube and even though both temps were set in Cura, only the bed target temp showed on the Print screen, the extrude target temp was zero. I changed it from the print screen and it was fine but I’d like to not have to do it for every print.

this may sound like an odd request but can you post a video of what you are seeing?

Usually, when you start a print all temps are set at zero
the bed will come up to temp first and only then will the nozzle start to heat.

usually takes 5 mins for the bed to heat, another 2 for the nozzle then the machine will home and start printing.

I speed up my start process by hitting “preheat pla” first, this will heat up the bed and nozzle at the same time, while it’s heating I select my print to start and let the Gcode take over.

Jason H

Will do!
May not be till tomorrow though.

@Jason here’s a quick video.
I have just turned it on, then I insert the MicroSD card, select the calibration cube.
You can see the bed temp is set to 60 and starts to rise but the extruder is set to zero.
I verified in Cura that the extruder is set to 200 and bed to 60 and resaved the file to the card.

yes that’s normal, you have to use a special M command to allow your machine to call for heat on the bed and the nozzle at the same time, Other than that that’s the way they will work, If you leave it and let the bed come up to temp, the nozzle will heat up automatically.

I use the “preheat PLA” option before I start the print that way the warm up is a little quicker and the print gcode will take over after its warm not an issue.

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Thanks Jason, good to know that I haven’t messed it up somehow.

no not at all, completely normal operation, that’s the nicest part of the forum, we can all do “sanity” checks once in a while.

Jason H

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