Terrable stringing problem

I was given a role of ICAN “Marble” PLA, basically white-ish PLA with black specs in it to simulate marble. I tried printing it the same way and settings I use for all my PLA and it was absolute CRAP!!!
I almost never have stringing and if I do it is a short fine wispy string that just ribs off. This stuff is nothing but strings. it literally formed a spiders web mesh around the print. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of it. To make sure it wasn’t the print I did print an object, in a different filament, this morning and it was fine.

Any idea what would cause this problem with this one role of filament??? It was a sealed package, still had a vacuum, could it be moisture???

with a different filament, I would guess one of 2 things, Wet filament or temp too high.

I would run the same print again and after it starts drop 5 deg on the nozzle and see if you see a change.
If it gets better drop another 5. I did get a random roll from MG that was nasty for stringing, Ended up printing it at 180 and it was fine but the post PLA I print with is 205. That was a pretty substantial difference.

I started the print at 210, my usual print temp. and after seeing the problem I dropped it to 200 but it didn’t do much. I can try another print at a lower temp and see if it helps. The only info that came with the filament was "print temp 180-210 so I was within the operating range. Afterwards if that doesn’t help I can dry the filament and see if that is helpful.