Testing for Bad Ribbon cable connections - Artillery X1

  1. Shutdown and power off your artillery printer


  1. start at the hot end and remove this end of the black ribbon cable, Inspect the cable for defective or darkened contacts at the end of the cable. At the same time have a look at the connector on the daughterboard and look for any contacts that may be defective or broken.

  2. Firmly reinsert the cable back into the connector and ensure its sitting 90 deg into the connector.

  3. Continue this process on the opposite end of this cable at the left side of the gantry.

  4. Again check the next ribbon cable moving from top to bottom again on the left side.

  5. After reattaching all cables, Plug back in the machine and attempt the same print again,
    If possible when the error condition occurs note what temp is actually showing on the nozzle, Does the temp show going high out of range or go low out of range?

If this is unsuccessful further steps of troubleshooting will need to occur