Tevo tarantula problems

hi there yall, i have a tevo tarantula with bltouch glass bed and a mks v1.6 board and reprap discount lcd screen. ive flashed it with the proper firmware for everything and i think that it should work but the screen just lights up blue with a line across it. any ideas? i can provide firmware if asked.

also ive tried reversing the lcd wires and everything else and i defined the lcd in marlin.

I don’t have a Tevo, so this may not apply, but on an Ender 5Pro, there are three connectors for the LCD, only one of which works. The other two are presumably for connection to other controller boards. Is it possible you are plugged into the wrong connector? The blue backlight simply indicates you have power. The line across it suggests either the LCD has a problem, or the LCD controller isn’t getting any data.

I have it figured out, it is the firmware something won’t work even if I define it in the firmware but I might just buy a new printer.