Textured Spring Steal build surface for Ender 3?

been loving the flexible magnetic build plate on my BIQU B1 and was thinking I would love it or something like it for my ender 3. I only print with PLA and my ender 3 dose not have a magnet on the bed. what would be the best fit for a magnet and Spring Steal build surface.

This should work.


I bought mine from ali express. Due to how much i enjoyed my prusa, i defidently reccommend a spring steel sheet. Mine came with a fridge magnet material type sticker. So i removed the build tac on my print bed and stuck the magnet to the bed.

If possible id reccommend a steel sheet thats both textured pei and smooth. It gives you the best of both worlds, and you wouldnt need to re-level the bed if you swap it. Though if your only doing PLA then the smooth sheet would be best for you.

Ideally if someone made something like the Prusa Satin finish sheet. That would be amazing. You can print about anything on it without damage or adhesion issues (from my expierence).


I second the PEI and textured. I use both on my Prusa, they both work well and I tend to choose which one based on the texture of the print.