The 3D Printer Hotend Technical Guide

There are two major styles of hotends: PTFE lined and all metal. Check out this video to see the differences between the two hotends and what the components are made of. This video will inform you on the results you can get with either one!

This a good introduction video for anyone new to 3D printing. It should be noted that one of the reasons to use all metal hot ends is to print materials that need very hot temperatures which could start to degrade or damage PTFE tubes.

In the case of the CR-6 SE hot end, it is also now possible to replace the stock heatbreak with a Titanium heatbreak, to convert it to an all-metal hotend.

Take note, though, that when you convert your PTFE-lined hotend to one with an all-metal heatbreak, you also need to reduce the Retraction settings in your slicer, to avoid “swabbing” the interior of the heatbreak with molten filament while printing. Otherwise, you are probably going to start experiencing under-extrusion and nozzle clogging. In the case of my two Creality printers (Ender-3 and CR-6 SE), I have reduced retraction to 2mm, from 6.5mm, since going all-metal.

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