The Five rules of resin printing

#1: Level your Bed

#2: Level your bed again

#3: See Rule #2

#4: Don’t touch Build plate with bare hands or skin. Oils will stop a print from sticking!

#5: Don’t Drink the Resin or IPA

  1. Use a exposure validation test, with every type of resin you use.
    I like this one, 8 minute test will save you hours of failed prints.
    Photonsters Validation Matrix v2 by X3msnake - Thingiverse
  2. Use gloves
  3. Use safety glasses, it’s all too easy to splash or get resin in the eye when removing models from the build plate
  4. Have lots of paper towels on hand
  5. Make sure you vat is clean before printing the next model

#5 Addendum: Switch to Ethanol and you 'll have something to drink when 1-4 didn’t work


#1 Addendum: Read the SDS (MSDS) sheet for your resin! There are health considerations, environmental considerations, and storage considerations you should know about.