The Real Ghostbusters PROTON PACK

I’ve finished my Real Ghostbusters Proton pack. This project was a lot of fun, I wanted to print this pack in color filament and no post-finishing ie no sanding filling, or painting. To do that I needed a really good printer to pull it off. I used the Flashfourge Adventurer m5 Pro this printer did an amazing job and is super fast. I would highly recommend this printer to anyone printing props out there. For the motherboard, I used ½ inch plywood and I also attached a door for the battery pack. I decided not to use an alice pack frame because, in the Real Ghostbuster, you can see the straps are attached directly to the pack. It is still very comfortable to wear. The pack currently has lights but no sound but is wired to add a gbfans sound card in the future. My next project will be the Ghost trap that attaches to the pack.

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Lookin great as always Mike, keep up the great work!!