Themochromatic filament : what will they think of next?

Soon at a filament supplier near you. Well,maybe not! LOL

Isn’t this just the mood rings of the seventies applied to filament?

The PCL filament is weird enough that this is in need of massive changes to make it practical. I have printed enough now to say it is a complex material and is limited in use. It is IMO more valuable as hand forming.

Agreed. But man, 50deg C extrusion temp!?!

They don’t mention how it handles once spooled. How do flexibility and brittleness compare to other filaments? Will it bond well wtih other filaments when you print an object using different filaments or colors?

Very nice prototype and it was nice to see how the produce filament.

LOL. Let’s makemood rings and thoses T-shirts with a round patch on the front showing how you are today.

same material. I found warmer better but it is cool for certain.