Thermistor change in firmware

So, … I just broke my glass bead thermistor trying to take it out of my hotend :frowning: I do have a spare cartridge style thermistor but before I use it I’m certain there is a change I need to make in the firmware but I’m not sure what.

I’m running the stock Creality board that came with my Ender 3 Pro. I had updated the firmware to the (at the time, 1yr ago) custom current marlin firmware version bug fix 1.1.x

Anyone out there familiar enough with marlin 1.1.9 know what needs to be updated for a cartridge style thermistor?

Yes there is a change. Configuration.h has a list of thermisters that marlin understands. you would need to change it in there and recompile

@Glenn should I be selecting the one with the closest matching resistance of the cartridge I have? Currently the value that is selected it 1

i’m not sure. thermistors are rated by ohm value at room temperature, so like mine is a 100k thermistor so it’ll read 100k at 25°c but I can’t answer what it would be for your firmware if it’s not named outright in the list then I don’t know

I don’t think close is good enough actually. This setting loads a table of values for diferent resistances at diferent temperatures and diferent parts would need diferent tables.

There are two factors you need to consider: the resistance at 25C and the whether it has a positive or negative temperature coefficient. With a positive coefficient the resistance will rise as the temperature rises. With a negative coefficient the resistance drops as the temperature rises. You’ll have thermal runaway if you get that one wrong.

Before you go to too much trouble, you should first look up what the value and characteristics of the thermistor that broke are and compare it to the one you have on hand. Whether it’s a glass bead or a metal cartridge (likely containing a glass bead) makes no actual difference. It’s just packaging and by no means a guarantee that they will work differently. Obviously if it turns out that they are the same thermistor in different packages, you’re OK to just go ahead and swap them.