Think your day is bad? Epic 3D Printing Fails Galore!

#1) ** Catastrophic Printer Problems**

#2) ** Heat Block Hazard**

#3) ** Warping for the Fail**

#4) ** Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall**

#5) ** In Case of Printing, Break Glass**

#6) ** Connector Catastrophe**

#7) Spool Explosion

#8) ** Rooster Malfunction**

These and much more on the article posted at 15 Epic 3D Printing Fails (and Why They Failed) | All3DP


oh my :astonished: , I count myself lucky, out of all of these the only one I have experienced is #3 warping nowhere as bad as this though.

that’s amazing, I have seen some variation of all of these though