This is pretty cool

They make filament but do other things I don’t know how much of this is printed but it looks like they had fun and gave back. I wasn’t here for this when it was first around the 70’s/80’s but I guess it was bigger for kids than Santas first day at the mall.


OMG!!! I was fascinated and terrified by Woody when I was a kid. You would be standing there and then it would talk. There was a booth under it with a one way mirror, it would comment on you personally. Kudos to thoes guys it is uncanny look a like. I remember when they changed the eye lashes it looked better after IMO.

Anyone else remember Woody?

everybody here of a certain seems to remember it and says the same thing. terrifying when young and and good memories later lol

This is amazing!!! Pictures of the build somewhere?
Honestly, i dont know who Woody his, but the whole work is purely fantastic!!! :heart_eyes:

heh! I didn’t see anything beyond the FB page. He has a twitter account though lol