This One Seems a Little Too Good To Be True

I know Kickstarters are not always 100% reliable and ready to go, but I’d like to see this one up close and personal…

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I have a vision in my head of Jim Carey juggling the printer, the curing station, The resin, gloves, silicone mats, and the like all into a party to print a mini version of “the mask”

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The idea of a “travel printer” is a little weird to me at the best of times, but travelling with a resin printer? Peculiar at best.

On the other hand, and with that great big “if it works like they say,” 140 USD shipped seems like an affordable way to start exploring resin printers…

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It’s to small to be of any value.

I think it’s aimed at the print-your-own-gaming-miniatures crowd (as well as the “aww, isn’t that adorable” crowd for the printer itself.) And it’s big enough to print one, maybe two 28mm or 32mm minis at once.

Certainly a bigger printer is going to be more cost efficient for large scale production, but what if you’re a GM who wants to do custom minis for your players? You’re printing like 5 minis every couple years. In that use case, you don’t need a big build volume, and you don’t want to spend a lot on a printer that will mostly sit idle. For that matter, one of the complaints I hear about larger resin printers is when you only need a small part of the build area, you end up using and potentially contaminating a much more resin than you need.

So I wouldn’t say there’s no value to be had here. But it is definitely a very niche or specilaised machine.

Okay. Now I want someone to make a printer that is like, nine of these build plates in a grid, that can either perform as one big buildplate and resin vat or a bunch of small, independent plates and vats.

being able to lift and lower independently… LOL

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