Thoughts on CR 10 Smart

What does everyone think about the CR 10 Smart? Good the bad and ugly.

Ill have to look into it, as its new to me.

Well the Box doesn’t say Cr-10 Smart on it it says CR-Z2!!

Please Stay Tuned to our Youtube channel for a video on it!!


Pretty exciting times, cant wait to here all about it. Cheers

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They just finished Filming the open Box and assembly video, (Before Lunch).

Should be up on Youtube in next week or so.

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Sorry the Video is not up yet, the Social Media Guys/Gals Have been Quite Busy!!

Side note… We have the CR-6 SE/MAX CR-10 Z2/Smart Hotends in stock now!!

Anyword on when the video might be out?

Hello Prodad, I’ll Talk to the guy wo dose our you tube videos. It should be done already.

When doing the Video. It prints great! only issue I seen was the Creality Cloud Wi-Fi box inside it only works on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Your Router needs to Broadcast 2.4 and 5G separately.

I was trying this at home with a regular Creality Wi-Fi Cloud Box SKU: 2001040028. Mine was showing Cogeco***** with both networks merged. I was getting issues connecting, or it taking FOREVER to link up. Once I separated the Antenna Broadcasting . it linked right away!

Great that you figured a work around. With the strain gauge would it be difficult to up grade the hotend?

Not really there’s some prints on Facebook forum for CR-6 SE and MAX to fit Hemera, Titan Aero on them