Threaded inserts for 3D Printing

I am new to 3D Printing and have discovered brass insert to make things that require screws that can be removed and reinserted.
I would like to use these for making waterproof boxes with removable lids to build projects that employ electronic outdoors as well as a power supply case with removable front panel.

I also seems that they would be a much neater solution for projects such as hobby vises to replace the “nut in a slot” where an M6 insert would be useful.

Threaded Inserts in 3D Prints - How strong are they? - YouTube is a video from CNC Kitchen that is a part of a series that investigates the strengths of various inserts and other way to screw parts together.
It focuses on M3 screws but other sizes are available.

At 3D Printing Canada, I can only find a package of 2 M3 inserts for about $1.00. (M3x10 Brass Knurled Insert Nut). This seems expensive and it you need 10, it is cheaper to buy 50 on-line.
On-line large packages of 50 or 100 pieces can be purchased for $4 or $5.
I am not sure that I can use that many in the intermediate term.
It would be nice to be able to buy a package of 20 M3s or M4s or M6s for $2 to $3.

  1. Does anyone have experience using brass inserts?
  2. Would you like to be able to purchase reasonable quantities locally.

I know its not a common item we get requests for. I am sure we can source some of the nuts to carry them in store. I cannot comment on the pricing, a lot of amazon stores just don’t have the overhead that we do at 3DPC. We honestly try our best.

If we get repeated requests for items we do make our best to have it in stock.

Hope this helps
Jason H

I understand some of the cost issues.
There are a lot of costs that are fixed per SKU (overhead - web site, picking, etc.) and my suggestion is to increase the price of the SKU while reducing the cost per unit for the customer by changing the packaging size. This should make each order more profitable as well as making Amazon a less attractive alternative.

The other part of my post is to find out if there is a need for these and for what sizes - 3M, 4M or higher.

I have also raised the possibility of using T nuts with the expert that produces the videos and does testing.

I think upto m5 would be useful, past that I don’t remember much call for it

I have added the 6M T-Nuts to my shopping cart for my next order.
I would order a package of 20 M3 brass inserts if it was available for a price between $2-$3.

I hope that others chime in with their wish lists.

We will revisit the cost of the knurled insert nuts and maybe offer it in bulk packs to bring the price down. If you need a few on your next order please email me and I can discount them for you. chris A-T