Tiny, high quality 3dprinters?

I’m looking to get a very small 3d printer to sit next to me at my desk and keep me company. I already have a CR10s Pro that is fantastic and does a great job, however sometimes if I’m printing just a small part or just doing some quick tests id like something that is right there and ready for me. and sometimes ill have a 2-day print going then want to print something else but have to wait a long time to be able to do a 2-hour print.
Has anyone had experience with this Kingroon before?


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I have a KP3… predecessor to this KP3S that was given to me. I am fixing it up but tested it prior to dissasembly.

I found the base to be flimsy so made one out of aluminum at work. New rollers as they had flat spots and a spring steel bed sheet with PEI and textured on other side.

It printed pretty well but I am hoping to get it dialed in for smaller parts

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I think @Logan5 has a kingroon or 2. Maybe he can chime in there.

I got my wife a Cetus, Almost exactly the same looking machine, no heated bed but prints like a champ. I can count on one had the number of failures she has had on it.

I have the KP3. Picked it up used, had to take it apart and put it together properly. I put a Creality hotend with a .6 hardened nozzle on it. I use it a lot for printing wood filament. Prints like a champ.

I have found the answer to my own question. the voron v0 is a fantastic little machine. i finished my build of it yesterday and am in love with it.


When I got into 3d printing my wife thought I was nuts. (or at least didn’t need another hobby)

After a few years of having them around she got into using them a little. She wanted a small machine just to have on her desk in the home office and I got her a used Cetus, https://www.cetus3d.com.

no heated build plate, open design and a 180x180x180. Came with a couple of spare nozzles and a tool kit.

Ill be honest I am still shocked by the quality that comes out of this little machine. It has its own slicer and you cannot use anything else with it. Its so simple my 6 year old now downloads things from thingiverse slices them and prints on it. We have printed PLA, PETG and TPU on it and I can only remember 3 or 4 failures on it.

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I think that’s where they were/are intending to go with the consumer industry. More of an appliance. Trouble is … physics always gums up the profit machine. Its hard to have trouble free and big and big goes against the appliance idea.

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