Tips and tricks with Modix Printers?

I am curious if there are many other owners of this great printer out there, and if we could share some tips & tricks. I’ll start:

Printer: Modix Big 60 with dual print heads, enclosure, air filter. Swapped our the normal volcano block for a PT100, plated copper block and titanium heat-break on one of the heads. Using NozzleX 0.4mm heads.

I’m super happy with the printer and the PEI bed is absolutely fantastic. No bed adhesion issues at all. The enclosure and filter helps keep things from warping and I can’t smell a thing.


  • Print out some brackets to hold your top lid when open. Makes it easier on the hinges and also easier to reach to close again.
  • Getting the Volcano heat block in and out on the Aero is super hard without damaging the heater element cables. I have had to replace it fairly quickly. I see there is a 90 degree cable exit version now available but have not tried it yet.
  • I made an enclosed print-box and attached that to the side of the frame so I can do long prints from dry filament. Works really well and I’m down to a refined design that fits 2x 1kg spools.
  • I still have lots of friction in my feed path (it is just so long due to the large print space), so am wondering if anyone have managed to reduce feed friction?

Happy printing!

Greetings, and welcome.

Out of curiosity, what voltage does the power supply run at, and what is the total power output (of the power supply)?

And if I need any life-size benchys printed, I’ll call you.

It has a 24V power supply from 120V - only draws about 75W. However, notable is that the print bed is powered separately from 120V as it is really power hungry. Dual setting at 700W or 1400W.

Big benchies… Hmmmm - haven’t tried one sized up yet.

@ElrinV thanks for the post, glad to see you here.

I like the improvements you have on the modix. Do you by any chance have any pics?

I build the modix for our customers that choose to have them built and delivered. I have a big 40 and a big 60 in my office that we use almost daily

One big improvement I’ve made is to drill a setscrew hole on the bottom of the aero heatsink. I find sometimes during a print the heartbreak can get loose. With the setscrew the heartbreak is solid

I’m going to be doing the second head on our big40 this week I will post pics of the process.

Glad to see you on the forum

Just wondering … You refered to heartbreak twice - was that a double-typo for ‘heatbreak’, a Freudian slip, or some other part I haven’t heard of? (if so, what is it?)

It just dawns on me that it could also be the dreaded autocorrect.

Hi Jason,

Now that you mention, I see I only have some troubleshooting pictures… I guess I don’t take many pictures otherwise! Here’s one of a large recent PC print though from my Wyze cam mounted inside. You can see the extra LED light I installed (drops the 24V for the new 12V fan) illuminating things too.

I had some trouble with the setscrew on the second head, but the Modix guys shipped me a replacement (twice!). Seems their manufacturing plant had the thread wrong. It’s all working nicely now. I do find that I need to turn the unused second head onto about 100 degrees (standby) to prevent it from getting stuck to the prints.

LOL, yes it was autocorrected, Heatbreak, Sometimes my phone really likes messing with my dyslexia, didn’t pick up on it before I posted it.

that is nice, extra light is a good thing, I’ve mentioned to modix that there needs to be more light in the box. From a technical point of view, the light strip is good, however practically wise it’s just not enough.