Tips of large volume FDM Printer

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Looking for advice and tips on what’s the best large volume FDM printers out there.

Thanks for all your input!

I love my Creality S5 (500x500x500).
It’s not a good printer straight out of the box, it needs a bunch of upgrades.

A good large printer is the CR10 Max (450x450x470).
BLtouch is standard, also comes with support bars.
Easily upgradeable if you wanted to go direct drive.
1 upgrade I think it needs is a glass bed.

build or buy an enclosure this will cut down on warping 10fold, if not eliminate it altogether. Glass bed is 100% for better adhesion and ultra level surface.

welcome Jarvin hope to see you here on the forums often.

Just a question about your post, what do you consider to the bed large format. I personally build the Modix machines just wanted to qualify what print volume you are looking for?

@jarvin18 this is really a too open question. There are huge commercial printers but they are expensive. The big modix for an example is 1800x600x600 @ $17000.

The better printers in mid size 500x500x500 IMO would be ratrig or voron. Perhaps the Troodon. These are large fast printers. I own a sidewinder and would not recommend it the wiring was terrible and far too many ‘fit and finish’ issues.

To really get the most from opinions tell us more about what you want? There is a huge difference if you have 25K budget or a 1K or not even that of what someone might recommend. In the past people have tried to compare a 500$ printer to a 3000$ one. It isn’t fair comparison, they are not in the same class.

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@jarvin18 I Agree with KiteDemon. What are your requirements in a printer?

You go to the Auto dealer and ask for a large car, do they sell you the Boat sized one, the Cadillac Deville, or send you home with a one tonne Dually Truck.

I’m building a BLV Cube with an Ender 5 Plus Print Bed(377x370mm ) and 805mm of Z axis movement. Works out to 1 Meter total height.

Also printed my Afterburner Hotend for a Voron 2.4. It’s not in the budget yet to make the rest until I’m done the BLV Cube, and it’s making me profits.

If I had the Budget… I was also looking at the MODIX Big 40 that’s in the Showroom 3DPC ( A man can dream, eh?)


You also need to consider one thing: A big printer comes with big vibrations.
if you choose a cartesian printer, like my cr10-max, the movement of the bed can cause problems on tall prints.

Its a heavy, large bed, with lot of momentum. So you’ll have to print very slowly if you do something that’s really tall and want good results.

And there aren’t any tweaks or changes you can make that will actually fix it, it’s the nature of these printers, period.
Personnaly, i use my cr10 max to make large and low mechanical parts. And if i do something really tall, i will adjust the print speed around 20-30mm/s if i want something almost flawless for the top section. But i love this printer. never had any issues with it.

On a coreXy printer, the bed doesnt move back and forth, so its really more efficient. You’ll have cleaner, faster prints. But they are more expensive.

Again, this is depending on what you wanna do… Some parts need to be perfect, straight out of the printer… Others will be post-processed and painted later, and a less perfect print is ok…

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I’ve got a Creality CR10S Pro V2 which is pretty basic but prints quite well but…

…I’m currently building a 1 m^3 coreXY with kinatic bed and high torque servo-steppers. Will be running Klipper and input shaping for speeds in excess of 500mm/s (that’s the plan).

Almost done with procurement of parts. Once it’s done I’ll post some pics.


Thanks for all the reply guys! I’m starting my business to print accessories for weddings such as signs, name place cars, and such. Hopefully as the store gets bigger, I’ll move on to other areas like decors for home and other party supplies. I have a CR-10s pro right now that’s doing everything and would like something to help it out.

I was actually looking at the 3d print mill by Creality and thought it would be a cool idea to have it such that if I have 100 names to print, I can slice all of them and have a batch print.


I definitely wouldn’t want a bedslinger bigger than 500mm maybe not even more than 300mm, go a fixed bed machine with moving gantry, voron 2.4 styles