TL Smoothers worth it?

Ive just ordered MKS TL Smoothers for my MKS Robin Lite. Im not really sure if ill notice much of a difference but my board does have a4988 drivers so i should see something.

Has anyone else tried smoothers on a4988 drivers?

Dr. Marvin, I’m certainly NOT an expert on this. About 4yrs ago I connected BTT Smoothers V1.0 on my CR10S4 motherboard MKS V1.5. I had ordered a bunch of ‘spares’ (in case) because they were inexpensive. I didn’t see any change for better nor worse so I left them in. I’ve recently upgraded my MB to an SKR v1.4 Turbo in March 21 what a mistake. Anyway, my smoothers are all in recycling now, I found it was a waste of time and money. Anyway, you asked for other opinions. Who knows, maybe you will see a difference and that would be great! Good luck!

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I’ve tried TL Smoothers with My 2017 HicTop 3DP-08 It uses A4988’s in it that are Soldered to the Control Board.

There was a Bit of difference in the Sound. Almost no difference in the Printing surfaces for me