To all model train fans

Sorry this isnt 3d printer related, but i just found out the massive model train museum in Osoyoos BC is closing

I stumbled upon it a few years ago and was seriously impressed at the size of the exhibit they have. If you can check it out id highly recommend doing so.


I had never heard of it. It’s interesting to see a European model railroad in North America. I used to buy European rolling stock whenever I was visiting Germany. The only problem is they use a different coupling system than is used in North America, so getting parts must have been tedious and expensive for them.

Thanks for sharing the article.

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I agree, glad it wasn’t closed by covid but still amazed to see places like this going.

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last time I was in Germany we visited a model train club in Hamburg called Miniatur Wunderland it was a great place to spend a few hours

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O.M.G. that brings back memories. The video says the moved to their new location in 2001. I’m quite certain it’s the same setup I saw in my early teens. My grandparents took me to it. I have no idea where it was in Hamburg, but I remember it for several reasons: it was the first time I’d ever seen model aircraft taking off/landing; I was impressed by the day/night cycles and the sheer numbers of lights they had implemented (keeping in mind this was pre-LED days); they had a museum section in which they had a model of Der Adler, which was a train set my Grandfather gave me - that was the first time I became aware it was a museum piece.

I’m pretty sure it’s the same one although it’s been highly modernised. So now they have self-driving cars - without slots? That’s impressive in it’s own right.

Thanks for sharing it. Now I have to figure out where I put Der Adler.

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