To Prusament or not to Prusament

Do you find prusament types of filament is money well spent?

What i mean is do you find there is much of a difference between prusament and a generic brand? Ir even another name brand type of filament.

Interesting question, I actually though the same thing earlier in the whole Covid mess. PRUSA had some filament on sale because it wasn’t wound as nicely as the “normal” stuff so it was there B grade rolls.

( don’t tell Chris :slight_smile: ) I bought 2 rolls, one of the orange and 1 of the Black. and had it shipped in. CDN cost wise by the time I got it here was running close to $40 a roll which I think is expensive for PetG. Put in in my old reliable machine and gave it a whirl. I was impressed it actually gives you a graph on the box showing the hi and low of the diameter of the filament straight off the line and a QR code where you can look at exactly what made up the filament chemically wise. I was extremally impressed by the trackability.

I used PRUSA slicer on a stock ender 3, .4 nozzle and factory firmware and I used the profiles straight out of slicer. I have to be honest it printed flawlessly. Pulled an STL off the PRUSA website and printed it straight away using all recommended settings for my printer and the filament.

I then started printing up some Parts for a PRUSA Bear I’m building and I have to say I don’t believe I had a single failure with it. I just used purple glue on a glass bed and it worked flawlessly.

Just my opinion but figured I would share my experience.
Jason H


@Jason Interesting. I have been meaning to start useing petg, but decided to wait till my prusa mini kit ships and will start useing it then. When i do get it i plan on trying out both 3dpc brand petg and prusament petg, as well as pla to see how both types work out.

I have a few rolls of Prusament, and think they are the Cadillac of filaments compared to a couple of other brands I have bought on sale locally. In my experience, I’ve never had bad results with any of the Prusement filaments I have (PLA and PETG). I load and use the default Prusament settings in Prusa Slicer and voila, no issues. I have since discovered Euro filaments form 3DPC, and I’ve been using the same settings on these as the Prusament, and find them comparable if you don’t want to spend the higher price.

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@bd43 I agree, only difference being with the white I knock it down 5 deg just to no stringing at all, the lighter colors I always print a little cooler.

Jason H

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