Top 5 Coolest Kickstarters Related to 3D Printing in Feb 2021

  1. The World’s First 3D Printer For The Most Elastic Rubber
    CA$ 267,605 pledged of CA$ 8,255 goal
    392 backers
    14 days to go

  2. Tronxy XY-3 SE-The Most Powerful 3-in-1 3D DIY Printer Ever
    CA$ 352,026 pledged of CA$ 6,399 goal
    690 backers
    9 days to go

  3. Galaxy Marble Machines | 3d print
    CA$ 3,450 pledged of CA$ 1,279 goal
    126 backers
    6 days to go

  4. The World’s Easiest To Use 3D Printer - Plybot
    CA$ 80,261 pledged of CA$ 63,998 goal
    211 backers
    30 days to go

  5. EcubMaker TOYDIY2 4-in-1 3D Printer
    CA$ 40,294 pledged of CA$ 127,965 goal
    50 backers
    43 days to go

IMO, combo machines are never a good idea. You always have to sacrifice something for multifunctions.

I guess Rubber specific might be good.

Kinda iffy on Kickstarters now.
Still waiting for the last one I participated in. Been 2 years now they MAY be shipping this or next month.

Here’s another Kickstarter I’ve had my eye on:

PolySmoother: Polish Your Prints The Way They Should
It claims it can smooth layer lines out of PLA even!
This one has 22 days to go. CA$ 602,637 pledged of CA$ 6,399 goal.

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I tend to use Kickstarter’s as a news source versus something I would actually consider buying from. I hear many horror stories of companies not able to deliver what they promise. Usually the first releases of these machines come with a whack load of issues and you end up becoming a beta tester, who gets no sleep, since you are communicating overseas for support late in the evening.’

Not my cup of tea but it is cool to see what’s on the horizon for 3D printing in general.


Those are big claims

saw this one as well, their goal was 6K they are currently at 609K… seriously