Top layers missing?

I have Cura set to use 4 top layers, and a top thickness of 1.12mm, yet they seem to be missing. I have the same settings for bottom layers and thickness. Shouldn’t the infill have been completely covered?
It occurs to me as I write this, that I should be looking at the Preview in Cura, so I did, and it only prints 1 layer at layer 711.
Any idea what I’m missing?

are your nozzle size and was the wall thickness setting conflicting? I had something similar when I went from a small nozzle to a larger one forgetting the wall thickness setting and it missed a stepped top surface when I caught it. I’m pretty sure if the walls are too thin for the nozzle it won’t print

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I’m with Glenn, my first thought is a slicer setting.

My second notion is on occasion especially with flat areas like you have, I had to increase the infill to support the overhang. It also might be related to cooling. More could prevent the layer overhanging from sagging so much. I love the support and adaptive cubic for that.

I assume you checked the usual? Extruder clog? some kind of thing preventing extrusion. I have had silly moment where you look up after a while of head scratching only to see the filament stuck.