Total nerd question - firmware

I have a printer that I am trying to adjust parameters on. Its not marlin and I don’t think its Reprap

I have an off brand printer and I am trying to make configuration changes to it but It will not communicate via pronterface or web browser so standard config changes are out. I did find this config file that goes with a new firmware refresh.

I am having difficulty just trying to identify the firmware type. Anyone see this kind of config file before and can maybe let me know what firmware it is?

I have edited this post several times the formatting on the file is not showing properly
All the comments start with a pound sign “#”
all the parameters start with “>”


This document must start from “Parameter_List”

'#'means end on this line as annotation

'>'means this line includes paramenter name and it may have annotation for parameter

can be blank lines

can be annotation line

parameters must be seperated by space or tab

axis_steps_per_unit 80 80 400 139 #Xstep number for X,Y,Z,E axis to move 1m
max_feedrate 200 200 100 200 #maximum speed for X,Y,Z,E axis
max_acceleration_units_per_sq_second 1000 1000 100 1000 #maximum accelerated speed for X,Y,Z,E axis
acceleration 1000.0 #default accelerated speed

What board is on it? Id be curious if its smoothiboard firmware, though thats a guess

its some custom board no indication on it what it could be identified as

It looks like an ender, although I guess most kind of do


My uneducated guess is that it might be a modified version of rep-rap. I know promega, smoothieware (well it has roots in reprap) and a few others are just skinned versions of reprap or repetier host.

I don’t have too much experience with Klipper, but it doesn’t look like klipper to me from the text you posted.

Does you config file look like this at all, or can you post a pic of it? Or the machine?

Any chance of reflashing the board to something more standard? lol, I know its not ideal.

It looks very close to that.

this printer is a LotMaxx Shark. got it up and running but cannot set the proper offsets in it.

I was going to modify the firmware and reload it but cannot for the life of me figure out what the firmware actually is.

If that photo looks close and it’s a Lotmaxx i’m prettty sure it’s a custom version of reprap.

My friend has the dual extruder version of the sc-10, there also a version with a swappable toolhead I think, I assume thats the reason the firmware is odd.

There are two versions of the firmware, V0.222 and V0.227, apparently V0.222 has some issues but V0.227 fixes some of them.

Anyway to check the firmware on the printer if its up and running? Might be worth a shot upgrading it to V0.227 if its on V0.222 (Lotmaxx has it available for download on thier website).

yes 227 is on it, ( it also has some issues) only thing I have to change at this point is the offset, other than that this would be done. I tend to agree, I think its based off reprap or sprinter with a custom twist.

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Oof, if it’s on .227 im running out of ideas lol

My CR10 likes to ignore my z-probe offset changes, the only way I can get it to save it is through terminal commands for some reason.
But if it won’t communicate to pronterface (and I assume octoprint?) that kinda rules that out right?

Uggh, I forgot about sprinter lol good luck

thanks, ya its a bit of a conundrum. so close yet so far

I’ve had this problem before too on this forum. In that case, I take a screen shot and post it as a PNG or TIFF (JPEG is not kind to text).

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