TPU New guy to printing

Hello folks. I just bought a 3D printer and was doing a print with TPU.
Bed temp 80c
Nozzle temp 230
Print speed 40mm/s
As you can see in the video nozzle is move the print, Filimint is drooping over the edge, then print come lose. Can someone give me some advice on what settings need to be changed.

Have you done a good calibration of Z height. That first layer is so critical it is spot on. TPU is a pain. it tends to blob and sometimes the blob catches the nozzle. I would suggest confirm the first layer is spot on. I see you have glass are you using glue stick? I would suggest calibrating the extruder as well. The easiest way is :

(the same as flow) or you could do the extrusion calibration here:

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try nozzle at 210 to 215 and bed at 60

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yeah that looks too hot and you don’t have enough bed adhesion and cooling.

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I tend to print TPU at 240 myself I do use 55 on the bed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i might start trying that now, thx

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I should have mentioned that out of the box I installed the micro swiss direct drive extruder with hot end. I followed online instructions for that. I have done full calibration before starting anything. The first 2 things i tried to print were the calicat with pla both started hitting nozzle above the eyes and broke off. Seems like bottom layers go good then as it gets high it a problem.

It still seems like a first layer issue to me. If your first layer is good try a brim. If you are convinced the first layer is not the issue check the frame for square. If the frame is out it will bump the print and not print straight.

Thanks for the help. Did full calibration as suggested by kitedemon. Working good now.

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Hi, @daebly Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us.

Be sure to post up any questions you have or cool projects your working on, Would love to see em.