Tractus3d’s 3d printed individualized foot models aid wound dressing r&d

3D printed foot models fabricated on a Tractus3D 3D printer have helped wound dressing specialist Pedilay Care to demonstrate the use of its novel foot bandages.

Pedilay’s foot bandages are used primarily in the treatment of diabetic foot syndrome, with the firm relying on foot models to test and demonstrate their products. Having failed to find models suitable for their needs, the firm turned to Tractus3D and its reseller phoenix GmbH to address the drawbacks of traditional custom-made models, which are often expensive, weighty, inaccurately shaped, or have inadequate surfaces.

During the project, phoenix worked with Pedilay to design and produce two complete individualized leg models for the firm using 3D scanning and Tractus3D’s T850 FFF 3D printer.