Training and or Courses

Hello, new to this platform. Interested in 3 D Printing. Can anyone suggest training and or course near Winnipeg that would be beneficial. Preferred device Apple.


I know that (at least in Ontario) local libraries sometimes offer courses for 3D Printing, usually its a 1 day crash course where you learn more about the parts of the printer and the slicer. Not sure about the ones in Winnipeg, although it never hurts to ask.

Another thing you could check out would be to see if there are any local groups such as Facebook or Reddit groups which hold events for beginners.

Hopefully this is helpful,

i first got into printing through the art of tech ed these are highschool level courses that occur over 1 or 2 symesters not sure if they take non students (I’m assuming you over 18) can contact them @ The Art of Tech Ed – Where art, technology, and learning collide!

Thanks much appreciated. Well over 18 years old

Thanks much appreciated well over 18 years old